Cleaning Up After a Hurricane

Hurricanes are forces of nature and they leave a trail of devastation and destruction on its wake. The storms and hurricanes all over the world are said to have been caused by man’s abuse of the Earth. But because they are unavoidable, the best you can do is to always be prepared. Having emergency supplies and a place to retreat for safety is very important. Boarding up the house and property before the hurricane comes is another method of protection.

Upon Returning to the Site

Remember to only return to your property after emergency officials have declared it safe to do so. Value your life more than material things. Only go once you are allowed to. Wear protective covering for your face, feet, and body. Do not attempt to touch any fallen wires or clear any trees. Call the utility company and report loss of power, upturned gas tanks, etc. Once power is restored, check the refrigerator for spoiled food and throw them out immediately. You can do a preliminary cleanup of your property by wiping wet surfaces. You can also dispose of waterlogged items like furniture, carpets, mattresses and pillows. Clothes that can be salvaged may be placed in garbage bags and taken to a Laundromat to be washed and cleaned.

File an Insurance Claim

Damage to property due to hurricanes is usually covered by insurance. You can file a claim and expect to be paid after a reasonable amount of time. You can wait for the insurance adjuster to come and inspect your house. But you may also take pictures to document the damage, especially if you are in a hurry to clean up. Whatever miscellaneous items you purchase may be reimbursed if you keep all receipts and invoices. Taking down notes about what particular parts of your house need to be repaired is also helpful. You will have to wait until the adjustor has finished inspection before you can call for outside service. Make sure you have a written quotation from the contractor because it is necessary for reimbursement purposes.

Utilize Outside Services

For major cleanup and repairs, it’s best if you outsource the service. There are several companies that specialize in hurricane damage repairs and cleaning. It can be overwhelming to deal with it all but you can count on these companies to deal with your destroyed floorboards, flooded basement or damaged roof. They are meticulous and thorough. They also prioritize hurricane victims so you can expect a crew to arrive immediately at your place. Broken windows, debris and tree removal can also be handled by these companies. There are even companies that offer complete restoration services. So, you will not have to worry about anything… they will take care of it all.

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