Cleanup Efforts Continue after Sandy Devastates The East Coast

Over two weeks since Superstorm Sandy struck the East coast and caused havoc and widespread devastating damage in scores of communities, those who took the brunt of the storm are still struggling to clean up the mess left behind. Residents in Red Hook – a NYC neighborhood that was submerged by the rising sea water describe the current conditions there using phrases like “a living hell” and “unbelievable still”. If it were not for the volunteers who are going door to door in that and other neighborhoods, many victims would not know what to do or where to turn.

Large, home improvement chains like Lowe’s and Home Depot as well as many local hardware stores are hustling to keep up with the huge demand for storm-related items following Sandy. As soon as items such as generators, power saws and ladders arrive in stock, they are quickly purchased by property owners who are trying to repair damages and restore power to their storm-struck homes.

Governors up and down the storm-ravaged East are not being shy about asking for as much federal money as they can for their storm-struck states. It is estimated that the damages and lost economic activities as a result of the big storm are over $50 billion. Governor Cuomo of New York is asking for a whopping $30 billion in federal aide to help rebuild his state. There are still tens of thousands of people homeless or displaced in the East from the storm and even more without power after sixteen days.

Tons of debris can be seen piling up in the streets of towns in numerous states that were hit by the massive 1,000 mile wide hurricane that came ashore under a full moon. Record-setting storm surge inundated portions of New York City while it re-arranged the New Jersey Shore and tore up neighborhoods in Long Island and in the Big Apple’s outer boroughs. Storm cleanup companies, contractors and electricians from across the country have converged on the region to offer their services. It could take weeks for some neighborhoods and communities to return to a somewhat ‘normal’ state after Sandy, a storm that was one of the largest ever to hit the United States.

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