Doral Flood Cleanup Begins as More Wet Weather for Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County in Florida remains under a flood watch after 48 straight hours of rain. The National Weather Service has extended the watch until Thursday evening. On Wednesday, heavy, torrential rains caused all types of problems for business owners in Doral. Water had to be pumped out of a parking lot there into a nearby canal, but by the time that was done, many motorists had already been left stranded on flooded roads and streets.

Folks living in south Florida are fed up with Mother Nature as it has been pouring rain since early Tuesday. Residents at one Doral apartment complex spent all of Wednesday removing wateer from their homes and vehicles. The heavy rainfall set a new Miami record after 5 ½ inches of rain fell within 24 hours, something that has not been witnessed since 1901. Doral got more than four inches of rain. There were vehicles seen stranded in high water all over that community. Unfortunately, Doral residents are not in the clear yet because the National Weather Service is telling them to expect more rain and even some more torrential rains through Thursday as the system that’s bringing the wet weather is moving very slowly across the region.

Due to the extreme rainfall that has been ocurring, The South Florida Water Management District or SFWMD is now operating the extensive flood control system that is designed to move massive amounts of water very quickly due to the. Officials at SFWMD report that the system is doing it’s job which is to minimize the risk of flooding near homes and businesses. Already about 200 million gallons of rain from the recent storms have been flowing in an emergency basin which is a nearly 1000 acre impoundment area that was built after Hurricane Irene in 1999 and an unnamed storm in 2000. In all, a half a million residents and 5,000 homes and businesses are being protected by the system.

The upcoming Memorial Day weekend is also going to be wet. The National Weather Service reported Wednesday that it will rain over the coming weekend as the official forecast calls for scattered showers and thunderstorms all across the region. How much rain will fall is yet to be seen. If those iving in southern Florida had their say, the upcoming holiday will be sunny and dry. However, people living in the region who are planning outdoor get-togethers should make alternative indoor plans as it could rain very heavily at times.

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