Hurricane Floods Cause Maximum Destruction

One of the reasons why hurricanes are known to wreak havoc, destroy homes, property and kill people is due to floods. It is common for floods to take a natural effect during the course of tropical storm or hurricane because the waters in the rivers, sea swell with water from the rains. Hurricane Irene has gone down in history as one of the most expensive natural disasters in the history of US, apart from the multi-billion dollar called Hurricane Katrina. Experts say that extensive damage is not due to the winds but due to flooding.

The industry estimate for the cost of hurricane Irene is about $7 billion to $9.7 billion, mostly due to the impact of the flooding. There was severe flooding in Vermont, upstate New York, and the rough waters destroyed several fields of tobacco and cotton, put a stop on harvesting, fishing work and disrupted transport, which led to many people staying at home. So, the economy and productivity was definitely hit by the floods.

In fact, Hurricane Irene has caused so much damage due to floods that it is difficult to know how many damaged homes are covered under flood insurance.. The deductibles have also become expensive in recent times,, needing homeowners to come up with more than four thousand dollars in damage before the insurance company comes into picture.
Flooding causes power failures throughout cities and villages ; which has been known to affect tens of thousands of people. In case of Hurricane Irene, thousands of people in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were without power.
After the hurricane weakens and the damage restoration takes place, the officials have to focus on restoring power, clearing debris, repairing bridges, roads etc that have been ravaged by floods, not to mention helping people and saving lives. Flood waters are also known to have caused major trouble to waste treatment plans and local sewage.
Considering how airports are closed, flights get cancelled, commuters stay at home, and businesses are rendered powerless and crops damaged, you can imagine what an indestructible loss is caused by these floods.
Under such circumstances, the authorities have to take all preventative measures to stop floods from causing more damage. The citizens should also cooperate with the authorities and develop an evacuation planl this can be done by contacting local emergency management office or the American Red Cross to undestsnad the best and safest shelter places and evacuation areas.
Also after the floods cease and the hurricane winds lose their power, it is better to wait and get a green signal from the weather authorities before the task of repairing the damage comes into the fore. Also, if you are staying in a flood prone area, it is better to take flood insurance so that the financial loss is not borne by you

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