Mold Test is a Must When Buying a Home in Florida

If you are planning to buy a home or any other property in Florida, it is important that you consider getting it inspected for mold. A home buyer, under a typical property purchase agreement, has the right to carry out all sorts of inspections. And as Florida has a humid and moist environment all through the year, which is ideal for mold growth, it is important that besides performing a standard home inspection you must also get your new home inspected for mold.

Although not all molds are harmful, but there are certain mold types that are toxic and can cause serious health problems. Alternaria, cladosporium, mucor, penicillium and Stachybotrys are some of the harmful types of molds commonly found in Florida.

These toxic molds produce irritants and allergens that can instigate health issues. Inhaling or touching mold spores can bring about allergic reactions in people with a weakened immune system. Red eyes, sneezing, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, sinus congestion, skin rashes and irritation are the common allergic reactions experienced by the sensitive people. In addition expecting women, unborn child, infants, young children and elders are at high risk of developing allergies and health conditions when living in an environment affected by molds.

Mold odor has been associated with a two-fold increase in the chances of a kid developing asthma in the future. Furthermore, molds growing in the walls of your home may generate unnoticeable odor, which can lead to allergic reactions and an increased risk of asthma.

Apart from the dangerous effects of molds on your health, they are known to damage and destroy all the things they thrive on. Hidden molds can easily eat into your valuable furnishings if left unchecked.

As you can make out from the above discussion that molds cannot only have a serious effect on your health, but they can also cause your property value to go down. Therefore, it is important that you must get a mold test done from a professional mold removal company when thinking of purchasing a new home in Florida. A competent molt inspection company will not only perform the air sampling, but will also check for the hidden molds and odor. The firm will examine the heat ventilation and air conditioning systems, air flow and pressure, and investigate the building defects. It will provide you with a detailed report with proofs such as photos and lab results, and recommend measures needed to get rid of the mold problem.

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